Since I started breeding dogs I started to  see the world  quite differently. I always loved animals, but until we bought our first Maltese puppy, i had no idea how lovable they can be and how much love they can give.

I started breeding Maltese and Havanese in 1989. I have been breeding and showing these two breeds for almost 20 years. We bought our female dogs from within the country from reputable breeders. Our males were brought in from well known breeders from other countries to bring new bloodline in and improve the breed in our country.

We are proud to say that during these years we were able to import 7 males from outside of the country and to bring the breeds up to standard. I would like to thank all of the well known and reputable breeders who entrusted us with their lovable and beautiful show quality puppies.

Today I am proud to say that our own bred puppies are carrying on our successes with excellent genetics and beautiful conformation. Our dogs are consistent dog show participants all over the world.

I am thankful to their owners as through  their dogs’ successes helped me achieve the Silver Master Breeder Title.

My breeding program’s main focus is to produce healthy puppies that conform to the breed standard and to breed away from the genetic disorders.

I wish lots of happiness and success to all owners and exhibitors who chose these beautiful, grateful and loving breeds .